“Wow! Our people are still making references to your speech! They loved it. I loved it. You are excellent!”
- Jaci Tusman, Almac Group
“Nothing but positive, exuberant comments from our group!”
- Marty Rueter, Weichert Realty
“I saw a speaker today who was one of the best I've ever seen. His name is Marty Clarke and he is funny as all get out. He also has a lot of valuable information in his presentation for all professionals interested in elevating their skill levels.”
- Kathy Norris, Olsen Management Group
“Extremely relevant and valuable material delivered in an energetic and fun atmosphere.”
- Bob Watral, Vice President - Investments, SmithBarney
“The audience LOVED him! We love him. My staff cheered Marty in our staff meeting this morning.”
- June Alread, Director, Mid Atlantic Merchants Association
“GREAT JOB! Everyone felt that they received some very important ideas to implement immediately.”
- Charlie Bowers, Regional President, Capital Bank
“Marty is automatic. Our attendance always goes up when we announce him as our speaker.”
- Nita Fulbright, Vice President, Membership Services, Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce
“I keep getting unsolicited comments about the class. (all very positive) - one manager said it was a "joyful way to learn." Our plant manager called it a "home run.”
- Susan Strating, Kodak
“Your presentation to our company was marvelous & inspiring ”
- Molly Bennett, Deltacom
“I must say, that was a wonderful presentation. I was sitting at a back table and around me I could see the attendees hooked on your every word. ”
- Andi Minor, Genworth Financial
“Mission critical content. I need every one of my staff people to see this.”
- Steven Thorne, CEO, National Mortgage Company
“Marty is fearless in facing down the demons in today's business world.”
- Gary Greene, President Greene Resources
“High energy, high impact, extremely relevant, Marty's presentation was unforgettable.”
- David Hudson, VP of Sales, NewSouth Communications
“Outstanding! Marty customized his class so it fit directly into our organization's model for success.”
- John Anthony, SVP Manager Retail Banking, Capital Bank
“I went to the meeting because I need points to renew my certification, and came out of it with my sides hurting from laughing so much. The material is certainly all practical and so true, and Marty delivered it well.”
- Kristy Becker, CMP, Certification Administrator, ISA
“I have seen some great speakers and read some great books on the subject. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to you - you've got some great ideas.”
- Dave Wochele, National Sales Manager, Yarde Metals
“Thanks again for everything. We have already solicited feedback from associates of the bank who attended the meeting and they were VERY complimentary of you and how you made them laugh!!!! I started to read your book and it still made me laugh out loud! Thanks so much for helping us make our meeting a success!!!!! ”
- Jennifer L. Mastrapasqua, Vice President, Marketing Director
“Marty is awesome! He was fantastic today and the quantity and quality "take-away's" that he has sowed into our group of managers has been invaluable. Marty offered great perspective and practical applications that are so important. ”
- Rachel Miller,Training Coordinator
“Marty's presentation was simply lunar! Throughout your presentation I found myself saying, "Marty, you are sooooooo right!" and "Amen brother!" over and over. I have been a leader in corporate and religious circles for many years, but your presentation was refreshing, challenging and very thought provoking. My batteries have been recharged! ”
- Horace C. Michael, Manager, Imaging Services
“Marty is a dynamic personality and real success story. Being in the same room with him will give you more positive energy than following a 1000 different self-help books' advice. He always knows what he wants and where he is going. I would recommend Marty for speaking engagements, especially if you want to light up the event.”
- Cindy Green-Ortiz, PMP, CISSP, CSSLP
“Whenever I need a source for stories on motivation, communication or biz dev -- not to mention a jolt of hilarity -- I call Marty.”
- Margot Carmichael Lester
“His is on-fire and full of action! He will fire up your group and help them stay fired up! A truly high energy speaker and trainer, your team will love him!”
- Martin Brossman
“Marty possesses the unique ability to entertain, educate, invigorate, and motivate at the same time. From the stage he fills the room with energy, in team coaching engagements he lights peoples pants on fire and in his books he gives all the meat with none of the fat and just enough bone to provide context. A must see, must experience, must read kind of guy. His middle name should be "keynote".”
- Jeff Snell, ABI, CBI
“Marty is the person in my life that has had the SINGLE BIGGEST impact on how I communicate with others. His Communication Land Mines have kept me from carelessly injuring myself on scores of occasions. Thank you Marty for helping me to not only harm myself, but others as well.”
- Bob Watral, CFP, CDFA
“Marty is the kind of guy who gets in the trenches with you - and the audience - engages you and uses humor wisely - but not too much - to get a point across. Marty is excellent at moderating discussions (keeping things on track) as well as motivating a crowd toward greater success.”
- Clint Williams
“Marty is a motivational God! In all my years I have never know a person who to could turn a weekly mundane conference call into an event that every person in the organization looked forward to being apart of. His ability to lead while at the same time entertain a national sales force is legendary.”
- Brian Lavezzoli
“Highly recommended for any professional gathering seeking an electrifying experience. ”
- Jack Fitzpatrick
“Motivation is a key facet to being successful in business as well as our personal lives. Building and maintaining motivation is a major challenge. If your organization is striving for success and wants to motivate and empower your employees, CALL MARTY! Marty is a professional, entertaining, dynamic, speaker breathing inspiration and excitement to all. His powerful message will create a passion for life you've never experienced before. And he's a terrific guy...”
- Judy Via
“Marty Clarke is one of the most dynamic people I have ever met. His contagious personality is so uplifting. I owe much of my success in my career to Marty. I would recommend Marty to anyone wanting to improve their careers or even their daily life.”
- Brian Daniels
“On-stage Marty is the brightest, funniest guy in the room. He didn't just think outside the box, he would jump up and down on top of it and throw it in the corner. A great public speaker, he's a must-have leader to put in front of any organization.”
- Dan Veneedam
“If only Marty had a larger time slot - he was terrific. One of the very best presenters I've ever seen.”
- Bo Coughlin, Time Warner Cable
“Marty was a great hit and delightful to work with.”
- Donna Hall, ACUTA
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He is the author of three books, Sales Machine Land Mines, Leadership Land Mines, and Communication Land Mines.
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