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Marty's 6 Battle-tested strategies for talking clients off the ledge

It's inevitable that you and your staff are going to be faced with irate clients. It happens to the best. How you and your employees handle clients in a highly emotional state can mean the difference in weather or not they continue to do business with you.

Create the standout experience!

Born of Marty's personal corporate experiences in hostile environments with extremely difficult clients, this class puts the power in your hands not only to talk a client off the ledge, but possibly to leave singing the praises of how well you responded.

Specific areas of discussion include:

•  Marty with the mop
•  Deflecting blame vs. solving the problem
•  Fuses, Triggers, and Psychos
•  Give them some runway
•  Engineering the transition to resolution
•  Getting a client to rational
•  Don't go to the beach and complain about the sand
•  Creating the standout experience

Successful irate client resolution is entirely possible and Marty can teach you and your staff how to achieve it.

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Marty Clarke is a successful sales trainer and consultant specializing in

   •   Custom sales training programs
   •   Sale team turn-around projects

He is the author of three books, Sales Machine Land Mines, Leadership Land Mines, and Communication Land Mines.
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