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Customer Service

Creating the Standout Experience

“... just an OUTSTANDING presentation on customer service. My employees are still talking about it. We can't wait to have you back.”
- Jeff Snell, CEO, Enlign Business Partners


•  Keynote
•  Half-day training

Appropriate audiences:

•  All managers & staff whose responsibilities include a direct or indirect customer interface component
•  Customer service department heads


Audiences are immediately engaged as Marty deconstructs and reinforces the critical role customer experience plays in the revenue chain through lecture and lively examples.

Audiences develop sensitivity and increased identification with the customer base as well as identify the specific behaviors that destroy customer loyalty.

Marty also discusses the reality of irate customers and outlines specific strategies to successfully handle them and bring them in for a smooth landing.

Be prepared to make a material improvement in your customer service skill-set as Marty discusses:

•  Creating the standout experience
•  The three hidden expectations of every customer
•  With whom are you in competition?
•  Breaking the "us and them"
•  Marty's 6 battle-tested strategies for talking irate clients off the ledge
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Marty Clarke is a successful sales trainer and consultant specializing in

   •   Custom sales training programs
   •   Sale team turn-around projects

He is the author of three books, Sales Machine Land Mines, Leadership Land Mines, and Communication Land Mines.
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